Thursday, 9 July 2015

UC Browser : Surf it fast

My hubby won't miss any match if he can. Some times it may ended up with a big fight between us. I cant watch the match completely, so some times I may change the channel. Or if there is a match in TV he can't enjoy our trip to aunts home, or some times he used to escape from family get together  etc.. It was a herculean task to manage all the things without missing his matches. When we bought a smart phone he started watching all the matches through his phone. But the browsing speed was the problem he faced initially. But when he installed UC Browser he really started enjoying the match without any interruption.Yea UC Browser the fastest and easiest way to see his favorite match. It is the best mobile  browser make our browsing so easy, fast and smooth

Now UC web has introduced a new application for android phones ; UC cricket!!!An all in one cricket application for all the cricket lovers.Yea a space dedicated for every cricket fan. The application includes live updates, results, upcoming match information  and chat option too. So the cricket fans can interact  each other in comment section. So without loosing the spirit, the cricket lovers can interact each other and at the same time fans will get updates of score too. It is an impressive feature of UC cricket that it provides live updates to users with push notification. For that you don't want to open the app all the time. The most interesting thing is now UC web has partnership with Face book and the  the users will get instant notification / real time notification from the social platform without installing any add on.

Abhishek Sharma, Director of Marketing Communications at UC Web India, said, "The UC-Cricket application provides users with more interactive and intuitive cricket services. It enables enthusiasts to catch live scores, instant updates and even play guessing games while on the move.""During the 2014 IPL, 1 million users logged onto UC Browser for cricket information. We are expecting that number to increase significantly during the upcoming cricket tournament," he added.

I think this is the right time to install the UC cricket. Because the Ashes series between Aussies and England, Zimbabwe tour of India, Pakistan visiting Srilanka and South Africa in Bangladesh, a really busy schedule all over cricketing countries.  Therefore we are able to get the updates of all the matches with in our hand, also it will notify you about the scores and latest news from the ground, the most important is that you can interact with other cricket fans and share your thoughts.

For installing this application to your Android phone,you have to download it from your  google play store. You can see all the things in UC cricket page.
Install the application and enjoy the real time notification and live updates even you are in office!!!!!!Why should we miss our favorite match if you have the right option in our hand ?

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  1. Great infor. Must let me other half know too for he is quite a fan of cricket.


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