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Honey Diet

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Diet diet diet....the most popular word in this generation. All are running behind diet..... but the fact is, majority is running without knowing the truth. Diet control doesn't means skipping of food. It is the  balanced nutritional intake of food.

Now a days all are busy and following  a crash diet, a quick solution to lose weight. And the main attraction is, it is short term only. Many time I have noticed that my teenage students used to skip meals by saying diet or taking junk foods instead of healthy home made food. Crash diet will give temporary weight loss and loads of health issues.The main negative effects of crash diets are weight re-bounce, altered metabolism of body and nutritional deficiencies.

A balanced diet is super important for a healthy life style. And this method is always a right choice to reduce weight. It will give you a healthy body as well as mind. We need sufficient amount of vitamins, protein and carbohydrates to balance a healthy living. The diet which includes all those things in right amount is known as balanced diet. Let us see, what are the benefits of balanced diet. A balanced healthy diet will provide you a healthy heart, strong bone and teeth, energetic body and good emotional health. Vegetables and fruits are great sources of vitamins and dietary fibers. Whole grains are rich in vitamin B and fibers which helps to balance proper weight.

I will try to include vegetables pulses, fruits, milk, egg and meat in our diet. Daily morning I used to take one glass hot water with lemon juice and honey; throughout the day I strictly avoiding my sugar intake. It will give me an extra energy and even if it is green tea or black tea I prefer honey only. Do you know honey is a good diet ingredient? Believe me I have already replaced my sugar intake with honey and it helped me to reduce my extra fat....Honey is a healthy substitute for refined sugar. Honey is the natural sugar and it contains proteins enzymes and vitamins .

Honey  a wonderful creation is a sweet liquid produced by honey bee using nectar from flowers. But its medicinal properties are endless. Honey is well known for its medicinal properties from ancient time itself. Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of Vitamin C and iron. It is also rich in anti oxidants and is able to boost our immunity. It is a good energy source and the carbohydrates in the honey will convert to glucose quickly. Honey can be used as a good moisturizer for any type of skin . Honey with lemon juice will do wonders in weight management and at the same time it will give super glowing skin too. Briefly some most popular health benefits of honey are
  • To cure Cough and cold
  • To cure Sour throat
  • A good moisturizer
  • Antibacterial and anti fungal property
  • Immunity booster
  • Weight loss
  • Helps in digestion
  • Regulates insulin in our body
Together with veggies fruits pulses and meat, include honey in your daily diet. Cutting down of sugar will helps you to reduce pounds within weeks. Believe me honey diet will help you to reduce your extra fat. But the important point is the honey should be pure!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Thanks for the useful info !!

  2. I love the taste of honey. Just mixed with water, topped with ice and its an amazing drink. Diet does not exist in my vocabulary for I balance up whatever I eat.


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