Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ek Nayi League

The year 1983 has brought many changes in the Indian sports. Kapildev, the real hero in the history of Indian cricket, who brought the world cup first time to India and made all the Indians proud.India won the world cup from a chance of 1 in 500.  Nowadays cricket is very much famous like a religion in our country, the reason behind this none other than Kapil. Last year also we saw him as the chairman of selection committee for Arjuna awards and he showed his caliber to take decisions and how he handled the situations. A big salute to you Sir.

What is this EkNayi League, Kapil is talking about?

Now the legend is inviting every one of us to join hands with him for the new venture EkNayi League. During the promotional he has been telling all the sports persons and celebrities to be a professional and if you do or play it with your heart, you may lose. videos showing that Kapil is talking about many celebrities like Sania Mirza,Yuvaraj Singh, etc that if they are playing with their heart they will lose the game.As Yuvaraj got 16 crores in IPL ,he should play as a professional for DD, if he plays with emotions then he may loose!Since the role model of Indian youngsters is behind this, we can ensure that it will be good for the society.

Well by seeing the caption Ek Nayi Legue my initial impression was that it is going to be a game show , F&Q show or interview with celebrities.But the next moment I thought it may be a league..that may loose if you are playing with your heart!!!!!If you are a professional sports person, at some stage you could have played with your heart. But if you are a stock broker in share markets, you should play it professionally. If some kind of emotions play in your mind then you will lose and that will take your all the belongings.
 But may be it is a game show which is related to emotions.Or it may be reality show.The logo showing Kapil is pointing his head so it may be a game with brain/ intelligence not with emotions / heart.So I feel that it may be a show like kon banega crorepathi but the area of interest may be related with sports.Any way you should play with your intelligence.It may be a league with rules and guidelines and common people can participate.
So I am trying to conclude that, it is a TV game show anchored by The Legend Kapildev, participating celebrities and common people. It should be a league with qualifying games and finals. Hope he will reveal the secret tomorrow, for getting update, follow Kapildev on twitter.
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