Saturday, 25 April 2015

Hydro- jal plus : Benefits of alkaline water

Water is a transparent fluid and it is the major constituent of the fluid of living being ie,without water we can't survive!!!!it is difficult for the body to get a substitute of water from any other source other than water.  We should ensure to take good quality water for keeping our body healthy.So surely you may think "What is the good quality water?"Yea off course you will say the answer..purified water!!!!!! Am I right? But I will say a big NO to your answer. You are absolutely wrong...The purified water absorbs atmospheric CO2 and it become acidic when it comes in contact with air. Drinking acidic water will be harmful for our health.

There is an indicator for acidic ,alkaline and basic water is known as pH.Water with the pH value value <7 is considered as acidic and with 7> is considered as basic . Most of the tap waters distilled / mineral waters and RO (reverse osmosis) waters contains acidic pH and that makes our body more won't release free radicals from our body and  may leads to suffer a lots of problems like acidity,head ache,fatigue etc...So stop drinking such water and move to ionized alkaline water...

Ionized alkaline water and its benefits:

Water with pH value greater than 7 is known as alkaline water. Ionized water is the water that has under gone the process of ionization through a water ionizer. One glass of ionized water is equal to 3 glasses of normal water in its hydration capacity.
  • Drinking of alkaline water will boost your immunity
  • It easily penetrates our body at a cellular level thus hydrates the body better.
  •  it restores alkalinity and flushes out acidic toxins from the body.
  • Alkaline ionized water contains greater amount of oxygen and it delivers more nutrients to our body.That gives you more energy through out the day
  • It also helps to prevent diseases such arthritis,cancer,hyper tension,acidity, diabetes , digestive problem, weight problem etc.
  • It will improve mental clarity and improve your concentration and it will support a better night sleeps.
I know you may wonder where you will get ionized water for your household uses.It is very easy.Hydro jal plus is India's most advanced compact stylish and affordable water ionizer converts regular water in to absolutely healthiest ionized alkaline water.
Hydro - jal plus water ionizer is the best product available in India to save our family health.They are providing a free demo at your home and you may check the acidity level of your drinking water.

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