Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pampers : Dry baby happy baby

I'm a proud mom of a super active baby boy who loves to play 24 hours..Being a mom my world is revolving around my baby. It is a Herculean task for me to keep my little one hygienic and happy. He won't sit even a second peacefully.

             Since birth I used diapers for my baby .Every one in my village scolded me for the same. But I strongly believed that he can't sleep properly if he is wet. So I started using diapers for my baby. But Still he was uncomfortable and used to interrupt sleep. Within few weeks he started showing irritation in the morning and I saw some diaper rashes!!!!! The diaper I have used was dry on the out side but my baby was wet inside. Actually before that itself I have noticed some foul smell while removing diapers. I was totally upset and went to doctor. Every one blamed me for the same.It was a lesson I studied from my own experience that whenever choosing products for baby,never compromise for quality.
              From the next day onwards again I started using cloth diapers. It was a tough time for both of us. Both me and my baby couldn't sleep properly.Whenever he is wet he started crying. If he couldn't sleep in the night the whole day he will be in an irritating mood.
              One day morning my Aunt came to my home. She came with two packets of diapers and some other baby products. I told her that I don't want diapers and explained the reason also.She laughed and replied that She used diapers to her daughters and she explained to me that , diaper may not leak from the outside, but it doesn't necessarily mean that it is dry on the inside as well. Dry bed sheets cannot be a technique to check if baby bottoms are dry. The baby could be wet inside, making him/her uncomfortable.What is most important is for the baby to be dry from the inside.She promised me that the diapers she gifted to me will do wonders.To be frank it was the first packet of Pampers I have ever got.
               When I started using pampers I realized the difference. Believe me it won't produce any foul smell even after a whole night. Pampers promises dryness on the inside up to 12 hours with magic gel which locks the moisture. So bay will be dry inside and happy out side.It is very easy to pull up and down.Now my baby is a happy baby from morning to night. He is sleeping continuously and till now I didn't notice any rashes and all! Who doesn't feel comfortable with a dry diaper? As an experienced mom I will suggest pampers baby dry pants for you all.Use and feel the difference..

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