Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Healthy breakfast with Guptaji's Family

Kellog's doesn't need any introduction!Breakfast is the most important meal of a day.It should be filled with energy.A healthy breakfast will give mental and physical wellness.We should choose high energy producing low fat low cholesterol dish for our breakfast.I'm a big fan of cornflakes and almost daily taking it as my breakfast.Corn flkaes are good source of fibers,minerals protein etc.Thiamine present in cornflakes helps in proper metabolism of carbohydrates.
I love to take my nastha with Guptaji's family becaue I love almost all the recipes they have  prepared for breakfast. I can't say any one dish.I'm listing here some of the dishes that I love.

source : Indiblogger

Sitaphal cornflakes :

An energy filled breakfast with cornflakes walnut and custard apple. Really a quick and easy recipe and of course yummy and healthy too.Custard apple is good for immune system.And it is an excellent source of energy too.It will protect you from anemia too.Walnut is good for reducing weight. I'm in weight controlling diet. So including  plenty of walnut in my daily diet

Walnut cornflakes choco balls :

Again a yummy item with chocolate walnut  and cornflakes.I love to have chocolate at any time.An escape from daily boring breakfast menu.Walnut is helpful to reduce blood sugar level too.It is rich in anti oxidants.

Strawberry and banana cornflakes :

Healthiest one.An energy filled nastha. banana strawberry cornflakes and milk. A super yummy combo.Cornflakes with milk alone can also consider as a protein rich breakfast.Strawberries are excellent source of vitamin C,an immunity booster.Strawberries regulates blood pressure too

Cabbage corn salad in basil curd dressing :

Cool salad for the season.Healthy one with veggies fruits curd and fresh cream.It is rich in fiber protein and antioxidants.Cornflakes with veggies and fruits can consider as a super healthy breakfast.

Cornflake Coconut Ladoos :

Easy to prepare dish but it will melt in our mouth..Really yummy one.Yea coconut has proven its health benefits from ancient time itself.

Honey nuts cornflakes : 

A rich breakfast with nuts milk and cornflakes.Who can say no to this yummy filling nastha?Honey is the natures energy booster...Honey with cornflakes provides benefits of both.

Cornflakes mushroom soup :

This creamy soup will keep me fresh and energetic.Mushroom and cornflakes are well known for its health benefits.Love to take this yummy soup as my breakfat

I 'm going to take nastha with  Kellogg's walee Guptaji's family...Ap ayenge kya???????

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