Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Egg roast - Easy method

Again i am back with a bachelor recipe! This is a quick and easy method to prepare egg roast. It goes well with chapathi, rice and dosa.

Egg roast - Easy method


  • Egg (hard boiled and de-shelled ) : 2
  • Onion : 2 big
  • Ginger : 1/4" piece
  • Garlic : 3 cloves
  • Chilly powder : 1 tspn (up to your spice level)
  • Garam masala powder : 1/4 tspn (optional)
  • Water : 2 tspn
  • Curry leaves : 1 sprig
  • Salt
  • Oil


  1. Make narrow slits on the boiled egg with knife. Marinate with a little chilly powder and salt.
  2. Chop onions and keep aside.(I used my food processor to chop.)
  3. Crush both ginger and garlic finely by using a mortar and pistle. Keep aside.


  • Heat a pan with oil.
  • Add finely crushed ginger and garlic
  • Add chopped onion and saute it well with salt till it turns light brown in colour. Keep your stove in simmer mode.
  • Add curry leaves.
  • Add chilly powder and garam masala powder.
  • Mix it well with onion.
  • Add 2 tspns of water and mix it well.
  • Add marinated egg and saute it well 
  • Delicious egg roast is ready to serve.

Egg roast - Easy method


  1. Recipe looks super easy and yumm remya. The load of caramelised onion is so inviting. Will try it out in a day or 2.

  2. Nice roast, simple and its also a perfect recipe for me too.

  3. Nice preparation, looks very delicious :)

  4. My all time fav.. looks tempting.

  5. simple yet delicious ...looks too yumm

  6. Awesome, eggs are always my favorite one, especially this one. You can also make it a bit good looking, if you can cut eggs into two pieces and fry them a bit before frying all other stuffs.


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