Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Recharge your hair recharge your life

Long and thick hair is the dream of any South Indian woman and so is mine. During my teens, I had enviably long and curly hair which I was very proud of. I took good care of it and maintained it well. The pure, natural water of my village pond gave an extra shine to my hair. But my hair’s bad time started once I began my hostel life. The hard water there damaged my beautiful hair and I too, like most of the others, became the victim of the worst nightmare of all women – severe hair fall!! 

As the days passed, my hair started losing its strength and glow. It became thinner day after day. The problem worsened after I shifted to Chennai. Being a working woman I got very less time to take care of my hair. Moreover, the heat, dust and pollution here completely damaged my “once beautiful” hair. After giving birth to my son, I almost got no time to think about hair care. Whenever I visited my native, people looked at me surprised yet worried. All faces had the same question – where has your beautiful long thick hair gone?  To worsen my worries, upon seeing my hair my husband started saying that I look more aged than I really am. That was the most shocking comment received for my hair problem. Needless to say, that comment pricked me a lot and I decided to cut my hair short in order to make it look better and thicker. Once I did it, i started feeling much more confident. Though I was sad upon losing my long hair, which as I previously mentioned is the dream of any south Indian woman, I was happy that my hair looked better now. 

        To add to my happiness I came across Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner, which totally recharged my hair and life. I had tried a lot of other products before trying Sunsilk but the result obtained from Sunsilk was outstanding. Today I am happy that I have found the perfect product for my hair. Now my short hair looks shiny and healthy. Thank you Sunsilk for being there for me and for taking care of my hair. Now I have started dreaming of that day when my hair will be enviably long as it used to be once and I will leave it open with pride! 

PS:This post is an entry to Recharge your hair contest in association with Indiblogger

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