Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sweet boli/Kadalai paruppu poli

                                 Sweet boli/Kadalai paruppu poli

It is a sweet dish serving with Payasam(kheer). In Tamilnadu it is known as poli or pooran poli.It looks like yellow chapathi but sweet and softer than chapathi.It will melt in mouth.

   Sweet boli/Kadalai paruppu poli


  • Chana dal/kadala parippu:1 cup
  • Maida:1 &1/2 cup
  • Sugar:1 cup
  • Cardamom powder:A pinch 
  • Ghee:1/2 cup
  • Oil:1/4 cup
  • Rice flour:As required
  • Turmeric powder:A pinch
  • Salt:A pinch


  • Make smooth and soft dough with maida.Add salt ,turmeric powder and oil .
  • Then add water little by little.Knead it just like chapathi but it should be softer than chapathi dough.
  • Keep it aside for 2 hours.

  • Wash and cook chana dal .(If you are using pressure cooker,2 whistle in medium flame is enough)
  • If you have excess water drain it .
  • Grind it in a mixer with sugar.
  • Heat a pan with ghee.
  • Add ground chana dal paste and cardamom powder.Stir it well.Switch off the flame and let it cool

  • Make small  balls with maida dough and chana dal paste.Keep them in seperate plates.
  • Keep maida ball in your left hand and spread it with right hand.
  • Place the chana dal ball in the center and wrap it well with maida sheet.Press it lightly with your hand.

  • Roll it in to chapathi by using rice flour(other wise it will be sticky).
  • Repeat the same process for remaining balls.
  • Fry the rolled bolis in the hot thawa without adding oil.
PS:Dal paste should be smooth otherwise boli will tear.

   Sweet boli/Kadalai paruppu poli


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