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Inji curry / Sweet and sour ginger pickle

Onam is the National festival of Kerala.All the Keralites celebrate it with happiness.And this year I decided to post atleast one onam dish during the season.:)
Ginger is a  useful medicine in curing indigestion,cough and nausea etc.Ginger and honey is a super combo used to cure sour throat and cough.Amma ised to give ginger juice with salt whenever i used to complain about stomach ache during my childhood.Dry ginger is a main ingredient in herbal tea.Hope i will post that recipe once I reach my village :)

Inji curry / Sweet and sour ginger pickle

Inji curry is a hot and sour pickle made with ginger and green chillies .We cant avoid inji curry while serving Ona sadya. .My dad was an expert in inji curry preparation and he used to add more green chillies.Still I remember those Onam days I used to assist my Dad for pickle preparation.First lemon and mango then inji curry.Im also following the same method .Many variations of inji curry are available .In some area people ussed to add coconut in inji curry.Some used to add coriander powder too.People of Northern side of kerala call it as puli inji and they use ginger juice instead of  whole ginger.

Ingredients :

  • Ginger/ inji : 250 gm
  • Grated jaggery / sharkkara / vellam  : 3 tblspn
  • Fenugreek powder / uluva podi : 1/4 tspn
  • Asafoetida / kayam : 1/2 tspn
  • Chilly powder : 1tspn
  • Tamarind : small lemon size
  • Salt

To temper :

  • Mustard : 1/2 tspn
  • Curry leaves : 2 springs
  • Green chilly chopped  : 1/2 cup / 5-6 big one
  • Dry red chilly : 2
  • Oil : 1/4 cup

Method :

  • Peel and wash the ginger and slice it finely
  • Now heat a pan with oil add in sliced ginger and fry it well.
  • Let it cool and powder it.

  • Soak tamarind in one 1 cup of water and take tamarind extract.
  • Add in chilly powder ,fenugreek powder ,asafoetida  and salt to the tamarind water.
  • Melt jaggery in little water, filter it and mix it with tamarind water.Set aside.
  • Heat a pan with oil (use the same pan and oil used for frying ginger)
  • Add in all the ingredients listed under "to temper"
  • Fry the green chillies Now add in tamarind water and let it boil.
  • Now add in powdered ginger and mix it well.
  • When it reaches the right consistency switch off the stove.
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Inji curry / Sweet and sour ginger pickle

I have lost some pics from my pc so couldn't add it in step wise picture collection

Happy Onam to you all :)


  1. Happy Onam...! delicious inji curry.... :)

  2. My all time fav. Can lick all up just like that. Crazily tempting until my hunger throne is going topsy turvy.

  3. looks yum and easy to prepare too. Belated Happy Onam Remya. Hope you had a good one :)

  4. Inji curry is one of may favourite dishes. I never learnt how to make it. Thank my stars, my wife is an expert in cooking it (as well as other dishes) :)


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