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Life is a mixture of ups and downs ,happiness and sadness..we can't predict what will happen in the next moment.Some times unexpectedly our life turns to a wonderful twist or some times it will go to the worst phase.Some times we need a shoulder to cry a hand to hold tightly.A person who can do wonders in our life sometimes...

I'm a person blessed with wonderful friends always.I'm proud and happy that still I have contact with those best friends and I'm sure they never let me alone.Whenever I need a help I can make a call at any time.So I strongly believe a person can change our mood or can bring some miracles in our life.

One year before I was totally depressed because I was alone here to handle my super active kid  and my world was revolved around him and didn't get attention and caring even from my husband who was 24 x 7 busy with his works.It was a depressed phase in my life though I enjoyed mother hood a lot.I'm living in defence area so we can call it as a miniature India because here it is a mixture of culture and languages.So for me,it was very difficult to construct a friendship with those who are from other states due to language problem.Though I know hindi and tamil I was not confident to talk with them.So totally from day to night I have to be in silent mode .

It was the last week of october when I was checking my mail I saw a mail from my friend Tinku.I have read it and replied that I'm depressed .Still I don't know why I told  her like that.Suddenly she came online and we started talking about the matters.We both had a long conversation,she  consoled me and suggested to start a food blog!!!!She knows my interest in cooking and she is running a food blog successfully.She motivated me a lot!!!!!!!It was actually a turning point in my life and the things ended up with Remmy's Kitchen my food blog!I engaged my self with child care and cooking and enjoyed the my days and still enjoying.Now I'm happy and as a food blogger I'm growing with my kid.Really I'm blessed with wonderful friends in my life

Another incident I have to share is related with family.Yea it is a blessing to get a supportive family behind us.After my marriage when I came to my in-laws home I got a good sister and a best friend my sis in law!She is a caring lady and always trying to understand our feelings.Few months back  we decided to buy a plot to construct a home .It was a tough time for us to arrange the whole money.Finally we closed the chapter due to financial problem. I made a call to my chechy and shared the worries. She was so cool and we both went for a walking together with my hubby.We all discussed about the amount shortage and she decided to give her gold ornaments.It was the moment we started dreaming about our home.We bought our plot within few months and returned her jewels as early as possible.

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