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A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

-Helen Keller

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It was a dark day in my life 2011 April 13th.My hubby got election duty and he went to the booth.I was alone at home and engaged myself with cooking cleaning etc.I was a new bride just came to  Chennai.So not that much friends here and was not good in language also.When he went for duty I was depressed by thinking about unwanted matters.My hubby used to say that "your blood group and your character are twin sisters both are looking same B-ve!!!!!!"

My hubby is a matured person and he used to drive slowly always but still fate was not good for us on that day.When he reached the booth he got the duty list and all.He made a call to me and said "Don't worry it is a near by place only"I will reach home as early as possible".I was so happy and made his favorite dish and all.
It was a calm and quiet election and nothing happened negatively.After the election again he called me and said "everything is okey and I'm eager to reach home .Within hours I will be there .The whole day I was alone in the home with tension .His call made me free.So decided to watch a movie .I played movie and enjoyed it.In between I didn't get any call from my hubby.So I decide to make a call.When I called some other person took his mobile .I disconnected and called again.Again the same person attended so I asked about my hubby.Then he told my hubby met an accident while coming to home!!!!!A dog came across ...I couldn't hear anything....
still I don't want to remember the remaining story!!!!!Oh God..I don't know how I crossed that difficult moments!
They admitted him to one of the best hospitals in Chennai.When I reached there he was in operation theater waiting for me to get consent.I gave sign and they did operation In his legs.
The main problem I met was his depression.He was depressed with all those incidents and doctor told him that it is difficult to walk again but still there is a hope. .It made him depressed and he believed he cant walk again.He was just like crying always.I couldn't believe his change .I never saw him like this.He was an energetic smart workaholic guy faced tough situations with a smile..
I too was depressed and over anxious and decided to commit suicide..Now and then I cant do anything without my dearest darling hubby.
Gradually I came to the reality and started giving motivation to him.I have changed myself from B-ve to B+ and shared my optimistic thoughts with my hubby...I spent 24 hours with him and gave practice to walk with physiotherapist.After few months with all those treatment and God's grace everything came somewhat fine.
One day when we went to the ground where he used to play badminton, I forced him to walk alone.. he tried himself and it boosted his confidence..It was our mantra "Yes you can Yes I can"....
Finally that day came yea the moment I never forget...The moment filled with me optimism and hope for the fututre..He walked himself without any support..

Now he is an active guy ...I realized the strength of optimism...

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  1. Everything is about experiences so that we come back stronger. You certainly are.

  2. A heart wrenching incident, hardship definitely makes a person stronger

  3. A heart wrenching incident, hardship definitely makes a person stronger


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