Friday, 6 March 2015

My happy baby

Children are greatest and sweetest gift from God always. Keeping our little one happy and playful is the most important thing in our life. I would like to do anything for my baby to make him happy. God blessed me with an active kid who loves to play 24 x 7. There are several methods I used to do for my kid to make happy,

  • Peekaboo
We both are enjoying this game!When I hide my face with something he will shout "oliche"!(put out of sight). When I remove my mask he starts laughing..And he won't let me to stop playing. When I try to mask his face again he will start laughing.
Some times I  hide behind the curtain .He used to call Amme amme while searching, listening his sound, i used to change the place..Finally after few minutes when he met me he will clap and laugh ..Yeah..... a non stop laugh with love and happiness.

  • Water play
He loves to play with water. He will sit in his bath tub for hours if I'm allowing. He insist me to make bubbles for him by saying "mammles". Some times he used to dance in tub and bang the water. He loves the water splashes. We both enjoy the bathing time with water play.

  • Making animal sounds
He loves to hear animal sounds.When I make it  he starts to laugh   nonstop!!!!!!!!He loves to make meow meow and bow bow sounds..and then  I  pretend like "I'm scared..When I make Grrr sound, he too will do the same!!!!

  • Tickling
He loves and enjoy when I tickle him. He used to giggle and we both enjoy that moments a lot. Somewhere I have read a quote  that "When I tickle my infant son, I'm teaching him that he is a human being.

  • Comfortable diapers
Whenever I'm choosing any product for my baby, I never compromise for quality. Diapers have to be good in quality because he will be in diaper for continuous 10-12 hours. So I prefer pampers for my baby. Pampers providing a good comfort and it wont produce any foul smell even after 12 hours too. It instantly locks away the wetness and keeps my baby dry and healthy. It is very easy to pull up and down, also he is more comfortable in it...So he can sleep continuously without any disturbances..
Who doesn't feel comfortable with a dry diaper?

If baby is happy the whole family will be happy ..right???

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