Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bed time rituals

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Children are greatest gift from God..Being a mom my life is revolving around my little one ..Keeping our little one healthy and happy is most important than any other thing.For that they need nutritious food good sleep and hygienic environment.

How much sleep my baby does need???????it is the question always coming to my mind ..because my baby doesn't want to go to bed.He is a super active baby wants to play 24 hours continuously..
So it is a big head ache for me make him to sleep.Some times I may wonder from where he is getting this much energy to do all these activities..So he is supposed to sleep well during night after all these activities..But it never happens..We both will be tired and if baby wont allow us to sleep what will we do?
I got  few tips and advice from others which are

  • Warm water bath
  • Brushing teeth
  • Say good night moon
  • Read a bed time story
  • Sing a lullaby
  • Play some music
  • Allow him to wear comfortable dress etc etc...
So I tried different methods..

Finally reached to a night time ritual and we all are happy and satisfied now..Read our bde time rituals I adopted for my Little prince:

I used to give him a warm water bath before bed time,it is a hint  given to him that within next half an hour he  should go to bed!He will be more relaxed if he knows what is coming next..When his dad cleaning and arranging our bed to sleep we both will go to the balcony and I will show him moon and say It is time to sleep so sun went to home and security moon  came to see us.His Dad will sing sons for him...This is the time to wear diapers...For me it was tough make him to wear normal diapers.But when I got my first packet of pampers really I realized the is easy to wear and remove..And the whole night he can sleep without any disturbance..Pampers providing comfort and it wont produce foul smell like some other brands..Pampers instantly locks away the wetness and keeps my baby dry and healthy.It is very easy to pull up and down and he is more comfortable in it...So he can sleep continuously without any issues..
Then I play some melodies for him in low pitch..And slowly move my hands on his head.....Without any trouble he will sleep within minutes...Now we all are happy and hope my little one  is getting enough sleep and so that he can grow fast

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  1. Hi Remmy, cute post. I always used pampers for my kids as babies, and then grandson too. On bedtime, 8:00 pm for my grandson, as was for both of my daughters, the bedtime for children. No staying up until all hours at my house, children need their sleep to be alert, to grow, and even to be imaginative, and parents need their quiet time too.


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