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Puttu/ Rice puttu/Easy method to make soft rice puttu

Puttu/ Rice puttu/Easy method to make soft rice puttu

Puttu is the iconic breakfast of Kerala.And offcourse we can say that it is a comfort food of Keralites.Puttu with payar (greengram stir fry) ,pappad, banana, Payar puzhungiyathu(boiled green gram) and kadala curry (chickpeas curry) are superb combinations!

Puttu/ Rice puttu/Easy method to make soft rice puttu

For preparing rice puttu we need coarsely ground rice flour(puttu podi),Grated coconut salt and little water.But this time I'm sharing a tip for preparing soft puttu.Yea I have already mentioned it in cooking tips section.Mixing of rice flour with cooked rice will give you soft puttu.(Thanks to Jyothi chechy who shared this tip with me :))You can finish your leftover rice also!

Hope you may check my wheat puttu recipe and ragi puttu

Ingredients :

  • Rice flour : 1 cup
  • Cooked rice : 1/2 cup
  • Grated coconut :  1/4 cup (As required)
  • Salt

Method :

  • Add cooked rice ,rice flour and salt to the blender.
  • Pulse it for few seconds.You will get smooth and soft puttu flour.
  • Now take the puttu maker (either puttu kutty(pot) or chiratta puttu maker) Place the chillu(the round holed disc with puttumaker).Add some coocnut then fill it with puttu flour.Finally add 1 tspn of grated coconut.
  • Place the puttu maker on pressure cooker (if you are using pot keep it directly on gas),Steam it for 3-5 minute in low flame
  • Soft yummy puttu is ready to serve!!!!!!!

Note :

  • While mixing puttu flour add grated coconut too It will enhances the taste.
  • If you dont have cooked rice mix the rice flour with little water.And make puttu flour.Check my wheat puttu recipe for the details.
  • After wetting puttu flour should be loose and sticky at the same time.

Puttu/ Rice puttu/Easy method to make soft rice puttu


  1. Loved the placing of flower on plate :)

  2. One among our most preferable breakfast.......Looks soft and yummy :)

  3. love this rice puttu... :) most of our sundays are with puttu only.. :)

  4. Just came back from Kerala. Loved the puttu so much.

  5. quick tip..yummy puttu dear :)

  6. Looks very well thought of and definitely a good food legacy!


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