Sunday, 28 December 2014

Dettol multi use wipes

Dettol doesn't need any introduction..We all are familiar with this brand and products like lotion,soap ,handwash etc ...I'm using all those products for long time..My kid daily needs a dettol bath after coming from play ground..And for me it is an anti dandruff medicine...Today I'm going to introduce a new product from the same family;dettol multi use wipes

                                  I had purchased it just for curiosity...But I was sure about the quality of product as it is from dettol family.These wipes are suitable to use on face,hands as well as surfaces.They provide protection against germs.It is alcohol free and have a good fragrance..
The infection of harmful germs can be prevent or minimize by following a healthy life.It includes balanced diet as well as personal hygiene.Dettol multi use wipes are handy and we can use and dispose it at any time.

The packing is neat,attractive and simple.It contains 30 wipes of 150mm X 200mm in size.

I used the wipes for cleansing my face. The wipes are so soft and provides good is alcohol free and ph neutral too.One wipe is enough to clean face and neck..

 I tried the wipes in my kitchen too..I'm 100% satisfied with them..Even I used to clean my dining table too..It is little bit difficult to remove tough stains as the wipes are so soft so we cant give much pressure.

I cleaned my kids toys also..He used to kiss hug or sometimes bite his toys...So i can make sure that all those toys are dust and germs free!!!!

I used the wipes to clean my keyboard,Pc,laptop ,TV,fridge,oven,gas stove etc.
I didnt feel any negatives to say when it is comes to cleaning But price wise I will say yes..for 30 wipes around 115 rs..
If you are concern about clean and germ free surroundings choose dettol multi use wipes and you can buy it online from Flipkart 


  1. I am not sure if I want to use for my face but definitely its something worth to be tried for kitchen utensils and computer.


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