Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to make paneer at home (easy method)

How to make paneer at home (easy method)

Why to go for ready made paneers available in supermarkets when we can easily prepare healthy and fresh paneer at home within minutes. I got some tips for preparing fresh paneer at home from my friend who just finished her PG in Home science..Here I'm sharing those tips with you :)


  • Milk : 1 litre
  • Lemon juice : 1 tblspn
  • Salt : 1/4 tspn


  • Heat the milk .Once it starts boiling, keep the stove in simmer mode and add lemon juice. Stir it well. Now add salt too. When the milk curdles completely, switch off the flame.

  • Allow the milk to cool and then sieve it. You can squeeze the sieve with hand for easy separation of the whey. You can even press with a spoon. (I skipped the usual hanging part.) Put it in a muslin cloth. I used a thin bath towel.

  • Cover it well and keep it in a plate. Put another plate of same size on top of it and then keep a weight on it. I used my pressure cooker filled with water :) 

  • After one hour take out your paneer and cut it into desired shapes.


  • You can also use vinegar or curd instead of lemon juice.(I have never tried that version)
How to make paneer at home (easy method)


  1. Nice step by step pictures and perfect paneer!

  2. Well explained with step by step pics... And neatly made.

  3. Still I haven't dared to make paneer at home. Maybe I should give it a try, it really looks easy the way you showed it. =)

    1. I tried once and it was a disaster. Thanks for sharing the step by step process as that will be easy for me to try out again.

  4. I have never tried with lemon,I used to make with curd,nice step wise explanation

  5. That has come so perfect....home made is best, tasty and economical!

  6. I love homemade paneer,nice post dear !


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