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Paneer peda

Paneer peda : Guest post by Lisha Aravind ,Nanadoos Kitchen

Im publishing another guest post on my blog.Lisha Aravind( nandooskitchen )prepared a simple but delicious recipe for me..First of all I'm thanking her for accepting my request.
Now about Lisha.She is a Malayali now residing in Bangalore with her family.She is a good cook as well as a dedicated blogger too.
        nandooskitchen  has a good collection of traditional kerala recipes,North Indian recipes and innovative recipes too.I would like to try many of her recipes especially Moong dal ladoo  and chettinad kathirikka chops
Hope you all will visit her space ....
       Now to Lisha....,                                                                                           

Paneer peda

First of all, I would like to thank Remya for inviting me to her space and my sincere apologies for the delay in sending the post.

Hi readers,

 I am LishaAravind from Nandoos kitchen, a small space where I share my home made recipes. I am from Kerala, presently residing in Bangalore with my husband and two lovely kids.  I have never met Remya, but this blogging world has brought us together and she is a consistent visitor to my space and has always encouraged me with her comments.  I love her space and really admire the dedication with which she maintains her space and she has a wonderful collection of traditional and innovative recipes.  There are many recipes which I would love to try out from her space some of them being chilli parotta and thayirvada

Now coming to the recipe, I am here with a sweet, easy to make peda made with paneer.  This is a favourite among my kids.  When she asked me for a guest post, I asked her for her choice.  But she left it to me and here I am with paneerpeda.  I always believe that any new friendship begins on a sweet note and hence I am presenting her with this sweet peda.  Now to the recipe..


  • Paneer :  2 cup
  • Dessicated coconut : 1 cup
  • Powdered sugar : 1/2 cup
  • Nuts (cashew,pistachio,almonds) : 3 tblspn chopped


           Powder sugar and keep it aside. 

          Blend paneer in a grinder until it becomes smooth and attains dough like consistency. 

Transfer the mashed paneer into a bowl.   

 Add coconut powder and sugar powder to the paneer dough.  Mix it well. 


Roll the dough into small balls, give each ball the shape of pedas.

Put chopped pieces of dry fruits on each peda.

Paneerpeda is ready.  Store it in refrigerator. 

Thank you so much for this opportunity Remya.  


  1. Such an easy and delicious sweet...Lovely Post

  2. Love pedas and this looks super yum... Nice guest post!!!

  3. Thanks remya for inviting me. Hope you liked the post :)

  4. Lovely post ladies. Pedas look delish..

  5. Nice guest post and really easy to make sweet at home

  6. Nice guest post the two of you. Love your space remya.

  7. lovely guest post... kudos to both of you gals :)

  8. Omg... These pedas looks so cute n awesome...

  9. Lovely guest post...... Looks inviting paneer pedha!

  10. Lovely guest post both remya and Lisha, very nice paneer peda.

  11. yummy guest post..Congrats both of you..Remya,first time to your space,happy to be part of your space..Hope u'll drop by mine too :)

  12. The pedas looks so nice and tasty.. Quick sweet

  13. Nice guest post and lovely sweet dish...looks very inviting!

  14. A very good article and also accept my thanks for voting my post on indiblogger

  15. Delicious peda..first time here... glad to follow you.

  16. Paneer Peda.. Its yummy, yummyy


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