Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My first Award "Liebster Award"

I was excited when I got nomination for this award that also I'm getting any awards first time in my blogging life.I got nomination from Preetha soumyan abowlofcurry, an excellent blog with innovative ideas and lovely kerala recipes.Preetha I'm thanking you!  
 This Award will give public recognition to new bloggers..

               Here goes the things that you need to do when you recievev this award:

  1. Blog about the award in your space
  2. Thank presenter and link back to the blogger awarded you
  3. Copy paste the award picture in your blog
  4. Answer the questions asked by the blogger.
  5. Nominate 5 to 10 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
  6. Create new list of questions for the nominees and inform them by leaving a comment in their blog.

Here I'm sharing my answers for the questions asked by Preetha Soumyan

  • Describe yourself in 3 words?
                        Simple friendly fun loving
  • Your likes and dislike?
                        Likes:Love to read
  • How did you pick your blog name?
  • At what age did you get your hands on cooking and first dish you prepared?
                                        14, may be omelet
  • What ingredient you havent usede in yoour kitchen yet but would love to do experiments?
  • Your signature dish?
                               Chicken biriyani kerala style(chicken biriyani kerala style)
  • Favourite recipe that you love to cook?
                            Avial and chicken biriyani
  • Fame or money and why?
                               Money:Money is important than fame(atleast in this world)
  • Two best photographed pics in the blog abowlof curry?
                             Pachamulaku thenga chammandi
                             chilly chicken dry
  • Any 2 recipes which you would like to try from my blog?
                              chatti pathiri
                             Gothamba kozhukkata
  • Big lavish parties or small intimate dinners.Which is your favourite entertining style?
                               Small intimate dinners
  • When you cook something tasty,do you lick your plate when you're done?
                                     Yea!(If i'm alone!)

My nominees:

  1. Tinku shaji of Daily chores
  2. Nimmy of Nimmy's kitchen
  3. Smitha Kalluraya of cook with smile
  4. Shilpa kiran of Cook with fun
  5. Pratheeksha deepak of livetoeat2014
  6. Diaz Xavier of ammachiyudeadukkala
  7. Full scoop of Full scoop
  8. Aparna of flavors and colors

My questions for nominees

  1. What made you to start blogging?
  2. What was your worst recipe?
  3. Before starting blog didi you have a habit of clicking your food plates?
  4. Favourite recipe that you love to cook?
  5. Any 2 recipes which you would like to try from my blog(give link)
  6. Which blog you visit often other than yours?
  7. What was your first recipe?
  8. Name the ingredient that you use more in cooking?
  9. Which is your favourite item that you love to eat?
  10. How is your blog different from others you came across?
  11. Who is your role model in cooking?
Please collect Award from this post and do comment.Pass it to others too..Happy Blogging


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