Sunday, 26 January 2014

Home made tomato sauce

                               Home made tomato sauce

    Preparation of tomato sauce is very easy.Then why should we buy it from shops?Store bought sauces contains a lot of preservatives.So I decided to try it in home.Now tomatoes are very cheap here.I got it with 6 Rs/kg.So I Made sauce and kept it in fridge.I didn't use any preservative .Two three weeks you can save it .Again Remya is here with an easy to prepare recipe. :):)


  • Tomato:1/2 kg
  • Garlic cloves:5
  • Onion:1 big
  • Sugar:1tblspn
  • Chilly powder:1/2 tspn
  • Salt:A pinch
  • Vinegar:1/2 cup

Spices needed:

  • Cinnamon/patta:1 big stick
  • Fennel/perumjeerakam:1/2 tspn
  • Clove/grampoo:3
  • Cardamom:3


  • Wash the tomatoes.
  • Cook the tomatoes,garlic,onion, chilly powder,vinegar and all the spices listed under "spices needed".
  • Blend the cooked tomato mixture and strain it.
  • Transfer the tomato mixture in to a pan.
  • Keep it on low flame.
  • Add sugar and stir it continuosly.
  • Stir well until you get a thick sauce.
  • Add salt and switch off the stove ,
PS:Adjust the quantity of vinegar accordingn to the sourness of tomato.
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