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Oats puttu / Steamed oats cake

Oats puttu / Steamed oats cake

Again with a healthy recipe :)Actually I was not confident to try upma and puttu with oats.But when I tried upma the result was awsome..and it made me confident to try puttu also.

Puttu is the traditional iconic breakfast of Kerala. Puttu with banana or with kadala a healthy combo for breakfast. Puttu  means steamed cake and can be prepare with any flour like wheat, rice, ragi etc etc.
I love wheat puttu and sugar combo..but if i'm on diet control..will say a big no to that combo :)
Rice flour puttu and kadala curry is also a tasty combo...but if you are going to take a good meal including rice for lunch it is better to say no to rice puttu in the morning..Ragi is healthy and good for both weight loss and diabetic persons .When my kannan was a baby I used to prepare ragi halwa for him. Varutharacha kadala curry and ragi puttu also tastes heavenly.

Oats puttu / Steamed oats cake

Now coming to oats puttu..All of us know about the health benefits of oats.Oats puttu is a nutritional breakfast..Its a weight loss recipe or diabetic recipe.When I started my weight control challenge I decided to add oats in our diet.I have already posted some oats recipes for you.Believe me I love oats puttu than any other puttu and its taste and appearance are some what similar like wheat puttu.

Ingreidents :

(Serving size : 1 person)

  • Oats : 1 cup
  • Grated coconut : 2 tbl spn
  • Water : 1/4 cup /As required
  • Salt

Method :

  • Dry roast oats and when a nice aroma comes out switch off the flame and transfer oats in to a bowl.
  • Mix it with salt and add in little by little water and wet the oats just like how you are doing for puttu.(Refer: here)
  • Now place the "chillu " on the puttu mould.
  • Add in grated coconut.
  • Now fill the mould with oats. Close the mould and keep it on a puttu maker or cooker according to your set up :)
  • Steam it for 5-7 minutes. 
  • Oats puttu is ready to serve!!!!!

Notes :

  • After roasting if you like, powder the oats and prepare puttu.I feel my method is more time saving and comfortable.
  • You may add grated carrot instead of coconut for more healthier version.
  • Finely chopped nendran banana with coconut is a tasty filling for oats puttu.
  • You may use left over thoran/poriyal/ stir fries instead of grated coconut.
  • Im using chiratta puttu maker and the above measurement was correct for my mould.It filled completely and I got one kutty puttu

Oats puttu / Steamed oats cake


  1. Nice way of having puttu, is there an way of making it without using puttu mould

  2. Luv this oats puttu is aas tasty as red rice puttu...

  3. Its easy to prepare and healthy also, will try for sure.

  4. Love oats putt n it's combo with kadala curry. Nice presentation Remya, keep doing well....

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