Sunday, 6 November 2016

Eastern...Stay hungry for goodness

 A video on you tube impressed and touched me very much because it was on the theme "Stay  hungry for goodness".Yea it is from   Eastern group... So I decided to introduce this to my readers too.Eastern is a famous spice company and I know I can write  well because I'm one of the regular users of Eastern products.

 I have started my cooking experiments with store bought powders especially Eastern. Now a days Im trying to use home made powders. But  always I need handy ones  to deal with emergency situations.If you are coming to my kitchen for sure you can see many packets of eastern garam masala,chicken masala,crushed chilly,sambar powder and one bottle of  eastern pickle :).
Eastern condiments doesn't need introduction .Eastern condiments pvt Ltd is one of the famous spice companies in Kerala. I guess almost all Malayali kitchen counters having at least one eastern product. Am I right? Now a days many other products are coming to our kitchen but still most of us are giving first preference to eastern .My first experiments in sambar and chicken was with eastern only . Still I cant use any other garam masala powder other than Eastern. When I came to Chennai I was clueless about the Eastern products availability. I sent a mail to them, asking their product availability and within a day they given me reply by giving full details about the shops selling their products near to my area. I shared this information with my colleagues and all started buying it from those shops. Im sure they are keeping quality of products as well as good dealing with customers too

Okey  I got a chance to try some of their instant mix products that Im sharing with you...As you know Im a lazy lady always trying to find out easy ways without compromising the quality and taste

Hey bachelors and lazy ladies (yea Im ready :P) come on...This recipes are for you only....

Eastern Chukku kappi / Dry ginger coffee

 For Preparing  herbal tea you have to buy dry ginger palm jaggery pepper etc...etc..With this packet within minute you will get hot and sweet ginger tea..Its worked well to relieve me from my sore throat!And  winter is one pack and enjoy the taste..I will give 9/10

Instant Puliogare mix

I never tried store bought mix to prepare pulidhare. Once my colleague warned me that store bought powders are sweet in taste. So I was scared to try till now. Puliogare is supposed to be in hot and tangy taste than sweet. When I got a packet from eastern I tried it for the first time..for my surprise it was so hot and tangy!!!!!!!!It gave the real taste of puliogare...I have tasted both lemon rice and pulidhare from near by temple for the first time. After that I took recipes from my friend's grandma and tried it in home. Preparing puliogare is a long process for me. Now with eastern mix its very easy.

You just follow the instruction in the packet!So simple!!!!!!Without any side dish you can finish it..If you prefer use any chips..I just added 1 table spoon of peanuts together with this mix!........Its purely optional only.
I will give 9/10

Eastern instant Rasam

So simple .Boil 1 cup of water and pour the rasam mix from one sachet!!!!!!!I added little salt as per our taste and garnished with chopped coriander leaves.
I wish If I would get it  this during my hostel days....Yea hostlers..take a change from your repeated mess menu..
I will give 7/10

Butter chicken

Simple ..Easy peasy recipe with eastern butter chicken masala!!!!!!You have to prepare tomato puree thats all!!!!!!!!!So easy ..mix the masala and cook 10 minute is enough..Tasty butter chicken is ready to serve!I will give 9/10

Hope you will visit the site and try to know more about Eastern

Stay hungry for goodness Stay hungry for excellence!!!!!!!!


  1. I want to chukku kappi and the butter chicken is also making me salivate.

    1. yea chukku kappi is really wonderful...I too love to take it during this season..

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Beena hope you are also in love with Eastern

  3. I'm a fan of eastern masala podis as well. Never knew they had a butter chicken version...gotta get my hands on that next time :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, happy to meet u!

    1. Thank u manju for stopping here..eastern butter chicken is really superb!And they are selling loads of products including coconut chutney prawn chutney powdes etc...


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