Friday, 17 June 2016

Aval milk / Avil milk

Avil milk / Aval milk is a popular Malabar milkshake made with flattened rice.It is a filling milkshake.Aval is rich in fibre . This is the traditional method in which both banana and sugar is mixing inside the serving glass itself by using a may prepare it by blending banana and sugar in a blender .I have prepared  one big glass with this measurement

It have prepared it a couple of times but couldn't capture the pic that time.This time somehow I managed and took pics :)

Ingredients :

  • Aval / rice flakes : 4 tblspn
  • Frozen milk : 1 cup
  • Banana : 1 small
  • Sugar : 2 tblspn
  • Fried and crushed peanuts : As needed

Method :

  • Dry roast aval and keep aside
  • Take your serving glass and add in chopped banana mash it will with a spatula and add in sugar.
  • Now add little frozen milk .

  • Next add in one table spoon of fried aval 
  • Add in pea nuts 
  • Now add little milk again

  • Add in remaining aval and milk.
  • Now spread some peanuts
  • Aval milk is ready to serve


  1. Looks so delish.. I have never tried aval this way.. sure trying it for tommorow.. Awesome Remya.. Loved the click...

  2. Looks so yummy, never tried this before,thanks for sharing


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