Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G : The faster network ever

This is a world of technology!All are behind new technologies and off course our modern life is under the influence of such things.We can't imagine a moment without smart phones and internet.And not at all patient to wait for anything.Even my three year old while watching cartoons in you tube used to shout about the downloading speed!!!!!Now  a new technology 4G is introduced by  Airtel the  one who introduced 3G to us!!!!

What is 4G ? why 4G ?

It is the fourth generation mobile data protocol!But when I asked to my hubby about 4G he gave a one word answer "fast".Yea it is all about speed and fast access of internet through mobile.Airtel one of the most popular and reliable telecome operators now offering 4G connection over 296 cities at the price range of 3G plan.They were the first telecome company who introduced 3G technology in India.Now it is true a high speed internet connection!Here internet speed is five times faster and provide a strong internet connection too.
For example if you want to upload your pictures in face book how long you have to wait to see it on the timeline?But with 4G it will upload as soon as you hit your share button.Within seconds you can download your favorite songs or rhymes albums .Showing  cartoons in you tube is a big head ache for me,while playing if it stops my little one starts to irritate by thinking I'm the person who is doing all those things , or if it is late to play he will make trouble. After moving to 4G it is not an issue he will enjoy his cartoons in you tube without any trouble and the video starts playing within a second.
.Within few minutes we can download a full movie too.
4G is providing better security and it is the most advanced security among wireless connections.
Then who will say no to 4G????
For getting a 4G connection you need only a 4G ready device 4G sim and 3 G data pack . Airtel is offering six month of free unlimited streaming and downloading of music on Wynk music and five free movies per month on Wynk movies

What  will I do with my Airtel 4G connection

Oh! A lot of things I can do with my high speed internet connection ,daily I need internet as a part of my profession and studies.Now airtlel is offering a lots of good plans for 4G at the price rate of 3G
  • Wynk movies is a new app introduced by airtel offers a library of thousands of movies.I will see my favourite movies without any interruption
  • The most important think I'm going to enjoy is my train ticket reservation!!!!!!We are staying away from our village and it is a big issue for us to get train ticket online.
  • It will make my online banking processes super fast!I don't want to wait for even a minute to make apayment
  • Love to do video calling with my dear ones without lagging 
  • I'm a music lover .Love to listen melodies through out the day if I can.I will download my favorite songs within seconds
  • I will post my pics and videos in FB within seconds.
  • As a student and as a teacher I get benefited from this fast service. Without any hassle I can download my reference notes
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