Tuesday, 10 March 2015

New life new world

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I was born and brought up in a small village of Kerala.Yea I'm proud about my native place, Alappuzha a Small district of Kerala and is an important tourist destination in India. The backwaters of Alappuzha are the most popular tourist attraction in Kerala.
A houseboat cruise in these backwaters is a delightful experience. Alappuzha is also called as 'Venice of the East'. Alappuzha is also the access point for the annual Nehru trophy boat race, held on the Punnamada lake, on the second Saturday of August every year. This is the most competitive and popular of the snake boat races in the world. The mullackal chirap is also one of the attractions of Alappuzha which is the festive season held ten colourful days every year in the month of December. It is a heavenly place blessed with rivers  backwaters and sea.Never imagined a life without these things!

Totally I have enjoyed my childhood in this heavenly place and never thought of moving from there. I have completed my school education from a Government school and majority of my classmates stopped their education after tenth exam.I got huge support from my family to continue my education. I finished my plus two and degree from near by colleges only. When I got admission for PG in a city the things had changed a lot. I didn't get admission in college hostel. So I have another option to stay in outside hostel. My family can't adjust with the fact that leaving me alone in a big city for the first time. They decided to stop my education. It was my dream to become a PG holder and so that I could try for a good job in future.

I cried a lot and dreamed again and again about the journey to my new college.Finally I decided to fight for my dream. I know it was a bold decision  and it changed my life totally. I started fasting for my dream and finally the things came to my way.

My dad who loved me a lot decided to send me for higher studies. It was tough for me too because going away from home and adjusting with new atmosphere are the main problems. Then the next problem started that where will I stay? As a village girl, I was not confident to face anything .Finally my search for a reputed hostel ended up with colourful result.I got admission in a convent hostel ,yea  my second home a home away from my home. From there I have studied the lessons of money management, adjustments, courtesy and all. I'm proud to say it was a good transformation from an innocent village girl who doesn't know anything, to a confident girl. But still I'm sure that I  saved the values of my village in my character. My college and atmosphere and city life was totally new  and modern but still my hostel, my second home secured me emotionally.

I have completed my education and I got good job and I'm sure that bold decisionI have made(it was a bold decision for me!), changed my life to a better way.

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