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Mathi pollichathu/Sardines in banana leaf wrap

A yummy fish recipe..!Sardines are one of the cheapest fish available in Kerala but sardines are rich in vit.D and protein.It is a good source of omega 3 fatty acid.
Mathi pollichathu/Sardines in banana leaf wrap

"meen pollichathu"is a traditional Kerala dish and it will tastes heavenly.One of my friends asked me for the recipe and then I decided to make it.Did you check my nadan mathi curry/kerala sardines curry


  • Sardines /mathi : 8 (1/2 kg)
  • Pepper powder : 1/2 tspn
  • Chilly powder : 1 tspn
  • Turmeric powder : 1/4 tspn
  • Banana leaf : 3 to 4(pieces )
  • Salt

For masala:

  • Shallots /kunjulli (sliced ) : 3/4 cup
  • Tomato (chopped) : 1
  • Ginger chopped : 1 tablspn
  • Garlic chopped : 5  cloves
  • Kashmiri chilly powder : 1.5 tspn
  • Thick coconut milk : 1/2 cup
  • Curry leaves : 4 springs
  • Coconut oil


  • Clean the fish and make narrow slits on both sides .
  • Marinate it with pepper powder,chilly powder,salt and turmeric powder
  • Keep it aside for 15 minutes.
  • Now heat a pan with oil.Add curry leaves and then place the sardines on it.
Mathi pollichathu/Sardines in banana leaf wrap

  • Fry both the sides for few minutes.
  • Drain and keep it aside.
  • To the same pan add sliced shallots.Saute it well until it turn golden brown
  • Add chopped ginger and garlic 
  • Then add chopped tomato and saute it again
  • Now add chilly powder and mix it well
  • Saute it well until it turns mushy.
  • Now add coconut milk and cook it in low flame
  • Once the gravy turns thick switch off the stove
  • Now take  the plantain leaves and wash it well
  • Hold the leaves over the flame for few seconds so that we can wrap the fishes easly
Mathi pollichathu/Sardines in banana leaf wrap

  • Place 2 tblspn of masala on the banana leaf and keep the fried sardines over it. (two or three sardines)
  • Cover the fish with more masala
Mathi pollichathu/Sardines in banana leaf wrap

  • Now wrap the bananan leaf just like parcel.You can tie the parcel with "vazhanaru"(fibre obtaining from stem of banana plant).It was not available for me.
Mathi pollichathu/Sardines in banana leaf wrap

  • Heat a non stick thawa and place the parcels on it
  • Cook both the sides in low flame for 15 to 20 minutes.
Mathi pollichathu/Sardines in banana leaf wrap

  • Yummy mathi pollichathu is ready to serve!


  • My mom in law used to add coriander powder too.If you like add 1/2 tspn of coriander powder too.
  • Instead of non stick thawa use clay pott(manchatti).It will give traditional taste.Coveer the claypott with its lid and cook it in low flame.
  • You can add a small piece of fish tamarind(kudam puli) while preparing gravy.It will give a different taste.
  • I will recommend you to use coconut oil

Mathi pollichathu/Sardines in banana leaf wrap


  1. It looks super tasty...I just need some rice with this..feel hungry..

  2. What a yummy fish fry, can we make this in aluminum foil and bake it, will it taste the same? I do not get banana leaf here.

    1. yea you can use foil paper but never tried that version...

  3. Flavorful Delicious Mathi...Yeah i am a big fan of Mathi :P

  4. lovely.. I have heard of fish pollichathu.. Never tried.. looks so yum :)

  5. Simply inviting and its so good.

  6. looks delicious n tempting :)

  7. aah... my sis' inlaws make with mackarel the same way.. i ws in search of this recipe ..thank you


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