Kerala Sadya recipes

Let us celebrate Onam..Onam is the most popular festival of Kerala.It is a harvest festival and  is celebrated by  Malayalees all over the world. It is a festival lasts for ten days but the main day is THIRUVONAM  of chingamasam(first month of malayalam calendar).

My niece with her Pookalam

Story behind Onam:

Once Kerala was ruled by a n Asura King MAHABALI.Every body in Kerala was so happy.But when he extended his rule to heaven and the God felt challenged and began to fear his growing powers.For controlling his growth and  power Loard Vishnu transformed himself in to a dwarf Brahmin called VAMANA and approached the King  MAHABALI .King recieved the boy with all respects and asked to him that what he desired as a donation.The boy asked only 3 feet of land to be measured by his own feet.The generous King allowed him to take what he desires.

Then the boy began to grow and he grew and grew..with the first steps he measured the sky and with the second steps he covered the earth and heaven.For the third step there was no other option so for keeping the promise King bowed his head and offered his own head for the  third step.The king was pushed inside the earth.

The King himself made a request to be allowed to visit his people once in an year.Load Vishnu allowed the same and so the people of Kerala is waiting for MAHABALI and celebrating Onam every year to mark the visit of their King

Onam celebrations:

  1. POOKALAM: Arrangements of flower in beautiful designs is the most important thing in,pookkalam which is usually arranging in the front courtyard.Ususally kids and ladies will do the same.And they will dance and sing..Some of the folk performance in Onmam are : kaikottikkali,thumpi thullal,pulikali etc. 
  2. VALLAM KALI :  ie, snake bot race is an another feature of Onam.It will bring a festive moods to all
  3. ONAKKODI: Exchanging of new dresses...As a child it was my sweet memory  related to Onam than anyother thing.
  4. ONASADYA :The traditional sadya consist about 18 to 25 different verieties of dishes.But now a days we are avaoiding many items .From south to north sadya preparation may differ.

How to serve Ona sadya?

  • Arrange the banana leaf in front of the person pointing the tips towards the left side.
  • Serve pappadam on left bottom
  • On the top of the pappadam arrange small banana ,upperi and sharkkaravaratti
  • Next is pickle,arrange one by one naranga curry ,manga curry and then inji curry /inji puli
  • Right side of the pickle occupies thorans and mezhukkupuratti
  • Next to thoran arrange pachadi and kichadi
  • Then arrange aviyal,olan,kootucurry,erissery etc
  • Next is rice...serve it in the center .
  • First serve parippukootan along with ghee followed by sambar ,pulissery and rasam
  • Now it is the time of payasam..along with payasam serve boli too(this is a trend in southern side)

Check here for the detailed recipe:

  1.     Mathanga vanpayar erissery
  2. Rasam
  3. Mambazha pulissery
  4. Aviyal
  5. Sambar
  6. Olan
  7. Vellarikka kichadi                           
  8. Cabbage thoran                    
  9. Beetroot thoran
  10. Cherupayar parippu kootan
  11. Kootu curry
  12. Manga achar
  13. Pineapple pachadi
  14. beetroot pachadi
  15. Pulissery/morru curry          


Break fast


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