I am Remya, a wife and a mom. I am a Keralite currently settled in Chennai. I’m a teacher by profession and cooking is my passion. Since childhood, I loved doing different experiments in the kitchen. But at that time, the success ratio of my cooking was much less compared to the flops. After my sister's marriage, I started considering cooking as a challenge because my brother in law was a great cook as well as a big critic of my cooking.

After my husband Sean came to my life, I started concentrating on cooking the types of food that he likes. In a short span of time, I realized that he is my true critic. I again decided to continue with my cooking experiments after getting compliments and encouragement from him.

I collected recipes from cookery books, TV shows, internet, friends and families (both mine and my husband’s). I collected recipes from all the possible sources. I tried them one by one, but i also made necessary changes in the recipes according to our taste.

After my kid Kannan came to my life, I quit my job to take care of him. I was fully engaged in my new role as a mother and i spent day and night just looking after him and everything else became secondary for me . Though I enjoyed my new role, deep inside me there was something pricking. Slowly, as months passed on, I started feeling depressed without doing anything other than babysitting.

One fine day, I shared my worries with one of my friends Tinku Shaji, she motivated and encouraged me to do something creative. That is how i am before you all now with this food blog. She has helped me a lot by giving proper guidance and suggestions. Another friend of mine whose help i can never forget is Vidya Nithin. She is still correcting my mistakes and encouraging me at each and every step in this venture of mine.  

Now I’m totally engaged and I’m doing what I really love to do.

I use Fuji fine pix F800 EXR camera for taking pictures. I myself do all the things like cooking, taking pictures and uploading /publishing. I do not edit any of my pictures.

Now I’m really happy and I’m again what I am - a happy wife and mom as well as a happy blogger. :)

Please feel free to contact me through my contact form for any doubts in my recipes.


  1. All the Very Best for the new venture, Go ahead!!!

  2. Your work is purely excellent remya......................

  3. Thanks for visiting mine... I am ur new follower.... U have a great blog...

  4. Very nice Remya jee. Well done

  5. good to know about you.. dear.. first time on your blog

  6. First time on your blog. Being a mallu and newbie cook, hope to visit your blog often

  7. Hai just now gone through ur recipes... The food items look so yummy that tempt us to try it

  8. Hello Remya,
    Very nice blog. I am the owner of snydle.com. I was wondering will you be interested to contribute to http://recipes.snydle.com/


  9. Hi Remya!

    I stumbled across your blog and loving it! The layout is really easy to navigate.

    I'm really looking forward to making your Idinchakka thoran this weekend!

    Keep up the great work!

    Editor @ Kitchen Sanity

  10. Hello

    Hope you are doing well. I represent a food brand in India and we are planning a bloggers event with a celebrity chef in Chennai. We would love for your participation. Request you to share your phone number to further detail you about the event.

    Anisha Gopinath

  11. It's wonderful! Articles, Amazing!
    This is a nice post you sharing. Thank you for your good experience shared with us.Most important one is your story was dramatic.


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