Friday, 21 February 2014

Soya chunks(meal maker) biriyani


Soya chunks(meal maker) biriyani

Soya chunk is the by product after extracting soya bean oil.It is rich in protein and a good replacement for meat.It is rich in  fibre too.We both are not soya chunks fans and by thinking about its health benefits trying to add it in our diet.If soya chunks are as such in the biriyani,I have a tendency to remove it from the plate.So I'm opting a method to grind and add it in rice



  • Soya chunks:1 cup
  • Green peas:1/2 cup(half cooked)
  • Carrot(chopped):1/4 cup
  • Bamati rice:2 cup
  • Water:3&1/4 glass
  • Green chilly:2
  • Onion(sliced):2
  • Tomato(chopped):2
  • Ginger:1"piece
  • Garlic:10 cloves
  • Chilly powder:1 tspn
  • Garam masala powder:1 tspn
  • Coriander leaves:handful
  • Mint leaves:handful
  • Lemon juice:1/2 tspn
  • Ghee:1 tspn
  • Salt
  • Oil

To temper:

  • Cardamom:3
  • cloves:3
  • Cinnamnm:1 stick



  1. Wash and soak basmati rice for 15 minutes.
  2. Drain it and keep aside.
  3. Cook green peas and keep aside(It should be soaked over night)I used half cooked(in a pressure cooker one whistle is enough)
  4. Soak soya chunks in boiling water for 10 minutes
  5. Squeeze the water and wash it in cold water and repeat the process.
  6. Grind it ands keep aside.
  7. Make ginger garlic paste
  8. Chop carrot and onion
  9. Cut onion in to thin slices.

  • Heat the pressure cooker with oil and ghee.
  • Add the ingredients under "to temper"
  • Add onion.Saute it well.
  • Add tomato.Saute it well.
  • Add ginger garlic paste and green chillies.
  • Saute till it leaves the raw smell.
  • Add soya paste and chopped carrots.fry it well.
  • Add half cooked green peas and saute it well.
  • Add coriander and mint leaves.
  • Add chilly powder and garam masala powder.
  • Add drained basmati rice and stir it well.
  • Add salt water and lemon juice.
  • Close the cooker and place the weight.
  • Keep it for one whistle.
  • Let it cool.


  1. grinding the chunks are new to me... good variety of briyani :)

  2. Yummy and healthy biriyani ..looks too good dear :)

  3. Nice biryani. Instead of grinding soya chunks can I use soya granules? Will it give the same result?

    1. sure if you love to take soya chunks as such you can use it.You will get the same result

  4. Great! I have done meal maker briyani using full chunks to try this too :)

  5. never tried the grinding part...biriyani looks delicious


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